I don't have time for this web page at the moment. But for a good reason: Please check OFF munich - experimental open Art festival


[Sorry for ugly Navigation rendering. My Host for this site just killed my image handling, hence my navigation was gone. Well, it shall be rough-and-ready then, until I find some time…]

This small site is to give an overview of what I have been doing lately and what I plan to do in the near future. I hope you like it.

[Please note that I am no so much into keeping records of my projects nore keeping this site up to date. Ill try my best, but documentation is usually not so  important to me and this page not up to date. Please forgive.]

At the moment

Besides upgrading this site I just started a new section to not only present the projects but explain the technical side also. I so try to »share the wealth« and encourage people to re-use my solutions. That's also how I called the new section: »solutions«. Check it out. It its rather small at the moment and I'm not sure how big it may become. Let's see...

About me

My name is not yet. It is not my real name of course, but the one everybody will be able to remember and – more important – to pronounce.

The name might be regarded funny or silly (especially because it will be rather impossible to find me in google with that name), but I did not really look for it: it has been given to me by some friends when they tried to 'force' me to join facebook (you can guess the story). So I kept it.

Hope you like the stuff you find on this site. And please contact me whenever you like.