another dead pigeon

The abstract graphical symbol of a dead pigeon – inspired by the line police draws around a dead body on a crime scene – is origin and base for this project. It is a symbol for the death of peace or the death of freedom.

The main project is a visual one: the symbol is manipulated inside a photo. Something bad has happened at the place this photo has been taken: peace or freedom died there. We can read about what happened, we can read when it happend. What we see, though, is just a section of the ground – it could be everywhere.

And actually it did happen everywhere. In every place where people have set foot, they have done terrible things to each other. In the end, this is a unifying thought: no reason to feel better than others....

To promote the main project I tend to set up special installations during all kinds of events using the pigeon symbols. Find some on the subpages.