Just a thought on Individualism in our world. (Funny word, »brand«, by the way: animals are marked with a brand by their owner. Humans, in contrast, do voluntarily.)

70 illuminated autonomous shampoo bottles can be put up fitting the respective location. Each bottle has a small »logo« right where a logo would be if the bottle was a human.

The project brings up associations like supermarket, capitalism, consumption, choice, but – for the shampoo bottles strongly remind of humans – also uniform (military), (pseudo-)individualism, masses and mass phenomenons...
The setting of the project on the respective location of course affects the associations and the »story told« by the project.

First set up in my bathroom over years, the project was presented to public in September 2012 during noc noc festival in Guimarães, Portugal, European Capital of Culture 2012.