kitchen moves

A cooking and eating event turns into an interactive electronic installation: People are cooking in a kitchen. They are filmed and projected on a table in the exhibition room. The projection is more or less distorted, depending on the sound surrounding it. Next to the table is an installation with a lot of small mechanical machinery built from cooking and eating devices. Each piece of machinery is independently controlled by different kinds of sensors in the kitchen, observing and measuring movement, lightness, distance, temperature...

The actions in the kitchen are affecting the actions of the installation. The action in the kitchen can be watched through the projection on the table. The projection is reacting to the sound of the people watching it. And of course of the sound the installation makes. Everything is connected and in the end everybody will eat. It will taste great. 

Collaborative Project with Hias from TamTam for a Kitchen Stories event in Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj, Romania.